August 29th, 2008

Lemon Drink

Tomorrow is the 30th!

That means I'm moving to college. In Boston. Tomorrow. O.O Holy crap, how did that happen?? I still am missing so much junk that I'm going to need! Like three prong adapters, and an ethernet cable (maybe I can ask my room mates? We should only need one...). Oh yeah, and all laundry supplies, except for Oxi-Clean (but that stuff is amazing), and I have no cleaning supplies either. T_T But on the bright side, I do have two new toothbrushes. :D

I'm finally going to get Skype because my mom set up the internet in the house. Took forever. T_T

Ahh! And I don't have any books! Some of my textbooks cost nearly $200 new!!! T______T I think I'm screwed.

I'm so super nervous. What if I didn't pack enough? What if I packed too much? D: One large box, three medium boxes full of stuff, a duffel bag packed with jeans, a backpack that holds my laptop, my printer box, and three garbage bags filled with clothes. XD; Oh yeah, only one closet. I ♥ triples...?

Help. Dx