August 22nd, 2008


New home

So... I've finally moved into the Simsbury house, and my room is almost unpacked. It would be so much worse to unpack and tidy up if I had to put all my college stuff away. D: But I will have to unload and repack all that at some point. DDD:

I should take some pictures here, like of my room and my own personal attached bathroom! Dorm bathrooms are gonna suck. D:

Also, the internet here is HORRIBLE! I'm using someone else's linksys. And my awesome new backpack arrived yesterday, but I love keeping my laptop in the fuzzy pocket so much that I haven't recharged it for three days. XD The battery level is at 75% and dropping!

And I'm trying to download Skype for Mac, but it's going to take... whoa, it just told me 1 hour and 2 minutes, now there are 9 minutes remaining. Oo; OK then... (I love the new Firefox - at the bottom of the screen, it tells me how many active downloads I have and how long it will take for them to be completed!)

I can't think of any more news... My last day at Echo Hose is Monday, which is also the same day that I should be getting The Sims (2) Life Stories. I'm so excited! ^^ Oh! And I got a basket of flowers this afternoon with a card, and my mom was like "WHO ARE THEY FROM?!?!?!" (only not that excited), and I opened the card and they were from Bob. ^^ Something about welcoming me to the new house. He must know that I hate moving! :D

Gr, the internet keeps switching from one bar to two bars of strength. No wonder my downloads are taking so damn long! I only have four minutes left for Skype, so hopefully it will finish before my battery and/or network runs out! Then I can communicate via video to my lover Jess. ♥

Oh, and I started a new bank account at this bank with branches all over New England, with some that are fairly close to campus. And I'm going to get a credit card! I'm so excited for school now. ^^