Bikini Inspector

I've neglected you so!

Goodness gracious, it's been a while. xD I've had this craving for "Greek" recently, and now I want to join a sorority. Boo, Simmons! D:

In other news, I'm taking a break from "studying" and "homeworking". I just have my orgo left for today, and then I'm taking a damn nap. Vagina Monologues... last performance tonight, then meeting at one of the cast member's homes. I'm not so sure I want to go, but I suppose I should. Seriously, the shows were sold out for three days straight! :D

We were actually short on mic stands, so I called at least six places one night and left like four messages. I accidentally called some dude's house, and he was like "Sorry, can't help you." And then I asked him if he was the MFA. "No. Just a random Boston guy." Embarrassment. T_T It took about an hour, and then it turns out we did have enough mic stands. Grrr!

I'm listening to the new stuff from Lemon Drink! Love. ♥

My parents came for the show tonight, even though I'm just doing crew. We're going out for brunch tomorrow, and then I'm going to see He's Just Not That Into You with a group of girls. I've heard it's really good! I planned it this time, so excited!! :D

BTW, who sent this song?

Hai gaiz

I'm moving to South Dakota so I can wear John Deere (maybe?) and when people ask, I'll tell them, "I'm from the Badlands." Aww, yeah... 8D
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Fuck you

OK people, listen up.

I am not your busboy. I am not your bitch. I may be a bitch, but I am certainly not yours. I don't give a fuck about who you know, or who you've met.

I am not your mother. I am not your maid. Do not hand me your shit to throw out for you when I get up. I do not wipe other people's asses. I won't wipe the snot off your face, either, so don't ask.
I do things because I know that you'll owe me in the future. Not because I want to be nice.

I don't mind making you laugh, but don't expect me to be always bubbly. I'm not an airhead, unlike you. I'm not as dumb as you think I am, so don't you dare try to put me down. I know I am way fucking better than you ever will be. At mostly everything. And I don't even have to fucking try. Stick that down your throat and choke on it.

Really, please do.

You all think you're all that and more. Let me tell you, you're not. Sorry to break it to you, sweethearts. You can't compete.

So fuck you, you fucking pieces of shit.


I feel like such a dork: I just got my Japanese dictionary and textbook and workbook... and I'm sitting at my desk reading my workbook. :x I won't tell if you won't... But it's really not that bad. It's so confusing! And it will be my first class on Thursday. My first and only class that day...

I really want to write in the book, but I think I'm going to have to settle for Post It notes in the pages.
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I made it!

I'm almost all settled into my dorm room (I haven't finished unpacking completely yet, guess I'm just lazy). AirPort doesn't work here yet, but I will figure out why. Kinda really sucks though. D: I'm so used to being able to move around freely and use the internet! I hate this.

Anyway, I don't have much time to figure it out tonight because I'm going to see the movie 21 that Simmons is playing in one of the res halls. I swear, I think this dorm was an office; no built-in closet, two windows, too cramped... but one of the roommates is stuck in Jamaica. She might be moved into another room and we might get more room here. I hope.

Anyway, I'll upload pictures later... Such a hectic day. D:
Lemon Drink

Tomorrow is the 30th!

That means I'm moving to college. In Boston. Tomorrow. O.O Holy crap, how did that happen?? I still am missing so much junk that I'm going to need! Like three prong adapters, and an ethernet cable (maybe I can ask my room mates? We should only need one...). Oh yeah, and all laundry supplies, except for Oxi-Clean (but that stuff is amazing), and I have no cleaning supplies either. T_T But on the bright side, I do have two new toothbrushes. :D

I'm finally going to get Skype because my mom set up the internet in the house. Took forever. T_T

Ahh! And I don't have any books! Some of my textbooks cost nearly $200 new!!! T______T I think I'm screwed.

I'm so super nervous. What if I didn't pack enough? What if I packed too much? D: One large box, three medium boxes full of stuff, a duffel bag packed with jeans, a backpack that holds my laptop, my printer box, and three garbage bags filled with clothes. XD; Oh yeah, only one closet. I ♥ triples...?

Help. Dx

New home

So... I've finally moved into the Simsbury house, and my room is almost unpacked. It would be so much worse to unpack and tidy up if I had to put all my college stuff away. D: But I will have to unload and repack all that at some point. DDD:

I should take some pictures here, like of my room and my own personal attached bathroom! Dorm bathrooms are gonna suck. D:

Also, the internet here is HORRIBLE! I'm using someone else's linksys. And my awesome new backpack arrived yesterday, but I love keeping my laptop in the fuzzy pocket so much that I haven't recharged it for three days. XD The battery level is at 75% and dropping!

And I'm trying to download Skype for Mac, but it's going to take... whoa, it just told me 1 hour and 2 minutes, now there are 9 minutes remaining. Oo; OK then... (I love the new Firefox - at the bottom of the screen, it tells me how many active downloads I have and how long it will take for them to be completed!)

I can't think of any more news... My last day at Echo Hose is Monday, which is also the same day that I should be getting The Sims (2) Life Stories. I'm so excited! ^^ Oh! And I got a basket of flowers this afternoon with a card, and my mom was like "WHO ARE THEY FROM?!?!?!" (only not that excited), and I opened the card and they were from Bob. ^^ Something about welcoming me to the new house. He must know that I hate moving! :D

Gr, the internet keeps switching from one bar to two bars of strength. No wonder my downloads are taking so damn long! I only have four minutes left for Skype, so hopefully it will finish before my battery and/or network runs out! Then I can communicate via video to my lover Jess. ♥

Oh, and I started a new bank account at this bank with branches all over New England, with some that are fairly close to campus. And I'm going to get a credit card! I'm so excited for school now. ^^